Experience the Fun and Exciting Breakout Game

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Breakout is one of the most popular video games The most popular game ever and it has become a household name during the 90s. The game’s popularity never ended in that era and Even today most kids are familiar with the game and how it is played, it even becomes second nature sometimes. This is just proof that the developer of the game was inspired by how the human body functions, especially a person’s ability to coordinate their bodily movements.

The game has a very easy mechanics and the controls are very easy to memorize. All you need is a functional set of eyes and hands, you will do well in this game.

The objective of the game is to eliminate or remove the blocks that are displayed on the screen. Using a ball and a paddle the player would then bounce the ball around, much like a pinball, and as the ball hit the bricks it will destroy it, removing one brick at a time. So easy, right?

Initially, the game was designed to be on a single player platform, however, there are other versions of the game that has a multiplayer feature so that everybody can enjoy playing with it. Most of the games that were patterned after Breakout have added some unique featuresin order to make the game a lot more interesting. One of these versions is presents an objective that the Like for example, goal oriented version. This version only lets the player advance to the player must accomplish in order to move to the next level of the game. Now, this concept has given the game a new identity which makes the game completely awesome.

Ultimately, the breakout game is designed to capture the imagination of the people who play the game. Furthermore, the game also helps the players improve their hand to eye coordination. Nevertheless, the experience you get out of the game is second to non. So if you’re interested in playing the Breakout game, all you have to do is to download the game on your computer and start enjoying this classic game.