Breakout is 4th on the Top Ten List

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According to a research done on classic video games, the Breakout game rank number four in the all time top ten list, which makes the game one of the best video games ever developed. The research was conducted based on the video game’s playability, concept and the overall popularity of the game. Aside from Breakout other games that was included in the top ten lists was Asteroids which was released n 1979, Pacman which was developed by a renowned Japanese brand Namco and Galaxians which features invaders from outer space. All of these games have built a legacy based on their popularity and the versatility that each game presents which attract gamers all over the world.

Breakout’s Developer and Concept

An interesting fact about the breakout game was that it was inspired by the game Pong which was ranked tenth among the list. Created by game engineers Busnell and Bristow in 1976 from Atari studios, the Breakout game was the most copied games ever and even today there are games that are inspired by the concept of the game. But despite the emergence of games inspired by Breakout and the new features that came with it, it couldn’t be denied that the new games cannot be compared with the original.

The concept of the game is very simple; the player needs to remove all the bricks above by using a ball and a bat. As the ball hits a brick above, then the brick disappears. The player needs to hit all the brick in order to complete the game. Furthermore, the ball has to be prevented from falling at the bottom of the screen. Now with the bat, the player will be able to prevent the ball from falling by moving the bat to where the ball will fall and as the ball fall into the bat the ball will bounce back upwards to where the bricks are. The game will be completed when all the bricks are cleared from the playing field.