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One of the best classic video games anyone can play is the breakout game. This game has evolved in many ways and each version presents a different type of challenge and you will definitely enjoy the game as you play along. The original version of the game features multicolored bricks on top of the screen and the player needs to break each and every brick by using a ball which is being bounced around the screen with the aid of a bat.

The bat is being used as a bouncing platform for the ball to keep the ball airborne and destroy some bricks. Furthermore, the players can also use the walls to ricochet the ball to hit bricks that has some tricky angles. The ultimate goal to win the game is to clear every brick in each stage. If the player is unable to do this after three tries, then he will lose the game. So the player must be very precise with aim and his hand to eye coordination must be very sharp in order to complete a stage or win the game.

However, as the game progresses to another level, the arrangement of the bricks also changes which will become another challenge for the player to tackle. The different pattern of the breakout game is designed to stimulate the player’s quick problem solving skills and encourage the player’s quick response to different scenarios of the game. On the other hand, despite the increase in the difficulty brought about by the change in the pattern of the bricks, the games mechanics has not change at all.

In totality, the player should be able to keep the ball from falling so he has to be very adept in using the bat to ricochet the ball back to the top of the screen where the bricks are and is able to use the walls as well to bounce the ball around the screen. The speed of the ball increases as it hits multiple number of bricks. The faster the ball travels the faster the players reaction should be in order to keep playing the game. By keeping the ball in play, the player will be able to reach a much higher score. So he must be able to adeptly avoid any mishap so that he will be able to maximize the three balls.

With all that being said, the duration of the game really depends on the players ability to manipulate the ball and hit the bricks. The player also needs to be anticipating where the ball would bounce off so that he will have a faster opportunity to clear or break all the bricks on the screen without consuming all the three tries. Timing is also essential, because the ball’s speed increases as it hits one brick to another, so the player must be quick to react to such velocity. Nevertheless, the game offers a fun and enjoyable experience and everyone who will try it will surely enjoy.